Ayurveda ~ Ancient healing practice from India.

Literally, the science of life, Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing from the wisdom of the vedic scriptures of India that dates back 5000 years. By determining the predominance of bodily doshas, we can determine imbalances within the body. An Ayurvedic Practitioner will guide you with suggestions of daily regimes, food, breath, sound, yoga asana, meditation, herbal recommendations, aromatherapy, as well as possible restorative treatments.

During your initial consultation, we will learn your body’s constitution (prakriti) and determine the presence of any imbalances. This occurs on a weekly, monthly and seasonal schedule. Traditional body treatments are individually designed for our guests. Body therapies include Snehana (oil therapy), Svedhana (steam and heat), Basti (localized pools of herbal formulas) as well as special offerings such as our Ayurvedic face massage, Tibetan Chakra Ritual and Kansa wand massage. These treatments are designed to bring harmony and ease
both body and mind. It is an honor to provide the tools and support to awaken your healer within. Moon Jewel Ayurveda and Star Farm Yoga are our in house Ayurveda Specialists

**Some treatments must be booked 24 hours in advance. Please call to request appointment.

Snehana therapy is meant to invoke the deeply imbedded codes of our nature and reawaken our cognitive memories.

These therapies induce sweating which allows us to release toxins and purify the body. Our digestive fires are invigorated thus promoting digestive health.


Dough dams constructed from lentil flour are placed on specific areas of the body and filled with an individualized combination of herbs, essential oils, and may include oil, ghee or milk depending on the treatment location and the effect desired.

Kansa Vataki (Wand) Massage

A true bronze (copper, tin and a trace of zinc) was first made 5000 years ago
by the Harappans; the inhabitants of the Indus Valley. Because of its unique
properties, Kansa was found to be very healing and made into an array of healing
instruments.  In Ayurveda, subtle energy points - known as marmas - were
discovered on the Chakra grid used in healing and spiritual practice.   These unseen
networks of electromagnetic energy are affected by Kansa as it is the metal alloy
known to be the FASTEST conductor of electromagnetism. 

Please note that many of these treatments require taking pause for the remainder of the day. Resting, relaxing, rejuvenating. Treatments involving the head require light protection from the elements for 24 hours.