The Sacred Flame of Healing is within.

Welcome to Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa.

Located in the heart of downtown Lawrence, Kansas, we strive to provide a healing sanctuary for all. The ideal location for your holistic wellness journey, Massage…and beyond.

Enjoy Aromatherapy and hot towel placement with each Massage.

We offer a variety of Massages including: CBD Hot Stone; Hawaiian; Thai; Restorative; Athletic; Deep Tissue; Craniosacral Therapy; Pre/Post Natal and CBD. We custom blend your body butter based on your initial intake.

(NEW) Request to have an extra serving of your body butter made for you to take home.

Light touch Energy Work and Spiritual Healing/Readings

Our Energy practices include: Reiki; Magdalen's Touch; Quantum Heart Alignment; Spiritual Readings; Past Life Regression.


Enjoy our house made, Spa Treatments and Seasonal Spa specials and Wellness Spa Rituals.

Choose one of our signature scents for our sugar, salt and mud treatments: Aztec Mocha; Sandalwood Rose; Jasmine; Frankincense & Myrrh; African Lotus; Indian White Lotus and CBD. Or create your own custom blend.

(NEW) Experience our Wellness Spa Rituals with a Soak, Sauna and Massage from Mud and Lotus.

(NEW) Request to have an extra serving of your product made for you to take home.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lawrence Acupuncture is our in house Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. 

Your body is innately designed to heal itself. Sometimes however, it may need a little help along the way. Using a combination of ancient Eastern modalities informed by modern science, we are able to help restore health and vitality, naturally.


Moon Jewel Ayurveda is our in house Ayurveda Practice. 

Our goal is to teach our guests to become their own healers. In taking responsibility for one’s own healing, the process to restore balance has begun. Ayurveda is a yogic system of healing whose ultimate goal is moksha-liberation. Whether free from disease and discomfort or free from future rebirth, Ayurveda is said to support the body’s balance in our effort to pursue our greater goals.


Packages, Memberships, Wellness Parties

From Yoga & Massage to Acupuncture & Hot Stone, our packages are designed to give you exactly what your’e calling for. In just a few hours.

Save with our Membership plans by paying in advance for appointments 2, 3, or 4 treatments a month. 

Rent out Merkaba for the day. Great for Wedding Parties, Wellness Parties and Team Building.


We are pleased to offer a smaller, intimate class size and event space. Because of this our teachers and facilitators are able to pay special attention to you and their content, while honoring the original lineage and culture from which their expertise has its roots. We feel it is necessary to impart this wisdom to you in such a setting. Classes & Events include: Yoga; Tai Chi; Meditation; Herbal Nutrition; Self Empowerment; Singing Bowl Meditation; Cacao Ceremony and much more. 

Merkaba is now headquarters for the Sacred Family Care Collective. We are dedicated to helping our clients on their family-building journeys, and know that this means offering not only physical treatment, but also emotional and spiritual support. We have been honored to walk with so many clients over the years and are happy to add Practices to that aid in infertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.

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