Spring Specials

Put a spring into your step with our Spring Specials at Merkaba. Enjoy a Monday morning Guided Meditation with Meighan. Try our Spring Facial and Body Rejuvenation packages; We have paired our Ayurveda Wand Facial Treatment or Acupuncture Facial Renewal Needling with a Swedish, Thai or Hawai'ian Massage to get ultimate results. Add Thai Massage Stretching and Pressure Points to your Swedish Massage with Noelle.


Monday Meditation 7 Week Chakra Series

Beginning April 17th, gather in the early morning at Merkaba with the quiet intention of focusing the mind. This 7 week meditation class will assist you in bringing attention to different chakras (energy centers) in your body; allowing you to identify and reconcile your personal strengths and weaknesses. Class will consist of comfortable props for the ease of seated meditation, with the additional use of essential oils, mantras (sounds or sayings), and mudras (hand or body positions). This practice is for the novice and seasoned practitioner alike. Meditation isn't about emptying the mind of thoughts, but bringing greater awareness and control of those thoughts. Come learn to use meditation as a tool to find stability and equanimity through the unpredictable moments of life. Preregister online for the entire series and receive a handmade gift of a chakra gemstone quarter mala bracelet; $8 a class with early registration or drop in for $10 at the door.

Free 15 minute Thai Massage Stretch Add On

What is Thai Massage?  The focus of Thai Massage is to awaken and restore balance to the body. This is done by applying pressure with the thumbs, palms, feet, knees, or elbows to specific massage lines. Passive stretching techniques and compressions complete this ancient healing form to increase range of motion, relieve tension and aches, and promote circulation. Thai Massage is performed on a cushioned mat on the floor while fully dressed in loose comfortable clothing.