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The Lovers' Walk

The Lovers' Walk

An all inclusive dream date planned for two. Fine Dining, Shopping, Spa Treatments and Entertainment.

Let us do the planning, so you don't have to.


The Lovers' Walk Timeline:

The Roost

Each walk begins with Breakfast or Lunch at The Roost. Here you will receive a Gift Basket with your personalized Lovers’ Walk timeline, Gift Cards and Locally Handmade Chocolate Truffles.

Merkaba Wellness Center and Spa

Choose a Spa Service, Class or Event for two.


Gift Cards for Third Planet and Spell of the Meadow.

Fine Dining

A specially created lunch or dinner at The Burger Stand or Bon Bon.


A Main Event to end the night at Liberty Hall or The Lawrence Arts Center.

**Once your tickets are purchased, we will send a confirmation email with instructions to call and schedule the events for your Lovers' Walk. You can also call 785-214-4882 to set your schedule, after purchase.**

May the day and evening together bring joy and lasting enchantment.

Order your tickets here  or in person at Merkaba Wellness Center 841 New Hampshire 785-214-4882